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What You Should Know About Esophageal and Abdomen Melanoma - Avoidance, Signs and Treatment


Although there is no guarantee that someone may not get either stomach or esophageal melanoma, there are certain links between certain aspects that improve the chances of getting them. Hence it is essential we understand them and act accordingly.

Tobacco and liquor are the most key elements that can improve the likelihood of creating esophageal malignancies in addition to causing other malignancies such as the bronchi, liver body, pancreatic etc. Hence preventing or reducing the intake of liquor and cigarettes in any type will be a good and balanced leap forward in fighting the fight against melanoma.

Injury to the wind pipe due to acidic (acid, alkali) intake grows the risk of one getting esophageal melanoma. In the same way Barrett's wind pipe that is a consequence of traditional gastro esophageal acid regurgitation condition (GERD) has a higher possibility of melanoma modification than the local wind pipe. GERD is primarily an increasing problem with modernization of our way of life, nutritional habits and inactive way of life. Being overweight, which is a international plague, is also associated with an increased occurrence of esophageal melanoma. Hence avoidance of liquor, cigarettes, implementing a way of life with healthier nutritional styles and frequent exercise that will reduce the likelihood of GERD and Being overweight will all go a lengthy way to promote health and preventing melanoma.

Early Diagnosis:

Cancer of the wind pipe or stomach can be clinically diagnosed at an initial phase only if sufferers seek the interest of the physician with signs. For that to happen, the major hurdle in Indian is the lack of knowledge in the general population as to who should approach a physician and when. Symptoms that should aware the common man to the likelihood of melanoma in the stomach or wind pipe include:

• Difficulty in swallowing

• Loss of appetite

• Loss of weight

• Extended chronic vomiting

• Group in the stomach (tummy)

• Nausea blood vessels or passing black colored motion

• Anaemia

The above signs guarantee immediate interest and research especially in individuals over the age of 50. Research would consist of some simple blood vessels assessments and an endoscopy to look into the inside of the wind pipe and stomach.

Upper Digestive (Upper GI) endoscopy is very delicate in judgment out the existence or insufficient melanoma and is also useful in detecting other problems like sores, acidity damage and attacks which can be handled with appropriate drugs. Hence an endoscopy is wise in the use of the above signs in all age groups and moreover in individuals above 50 years of age.


Once the condition is confirmed, it is followed by evaluation of the spread of the condition, to find if the melanoma is at an beginning or innovative level. The studies usually include CT assessments and or some specific way of checking and X radiation. Once the level of the melanoma is confirmed the Oncology group which usually consists of Gastroenterologists, Physicians, Medical and Rays Oncologists work together on which would be the best therapy suitable for the affected person at that particular level of condition. Very beginning of melanoma are possibly treatable and finish surgery of the melanoma with the associated body involved (partial or complete) is all that may be necessary. Rays and Rays therapy alone may be healing at certain sites such as the higher wind pipe. However, when the condition is not at an initial phase, mixed method of Surgery, Rays therapy and Radiotherapy may be necessary, and that will be decided by the group healing the affected person. This could still outcome in a treat when highly and properly handled by a multidisciplinary group at specific centers that have the group of doctors and features to offer these mixture treatments. Following the realization therapy, it is essential that the sufferers are regularly followed up and seen in the treatment centers at regular durations. They may also need assessments at specified durations to look out for repeat (coming back) of the melanoma. Advanced malignancies that are beyond a level of treat are usually handled by positions of endoscopic metal stents to help the ingesting process with or without chemotherapy.

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