Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Success of the Fittest

To most individuals Darwin's Concept of Progress is a long slow process including time times extending thousands or an incredible number of decades, but need not be so, there is proof all around us that evolution is developing in a period of less than 100 decades.

For an incredible number of decades, the only energy results on the World was the fine weather current of the ionosphere and that of surprise atmosphere and super. From the beginning of lifestyle on World, all creatures have progressed in these energy areas, but in 1888 a man known as Nicola Nikola tesla developed the changing turbine and everything changed.

The popular picture of energy is that it moves through cables like water moves through a tube, and that only close to energy pylons is there any risk. However, in 1889 Heinrich Hertz revealed that energy actually ran in the space outside the cables and this is the purpose why large parts of the planet are now soaked with energy areas rotaing at 50 or 60 times per second.

Such rotaing energy areas are totally unfamiliar to all forms of lifestyle and in geological terms this change in the environment has taken position at such an unmatched amount that it would be impossible for any residing monster to evolve.

In the so-called advanced western world malignancies and mysterious mental diseases are increasing at an escalating amount. For example, the UK, is a small country with a highly focused electrical energy system, it has a population of 60 thousand individuals of which 20 thousand are impacted by melanoma, 3500 die every week and a new melanoma case is clinically diagnosed every 2 minutes. Cancer, once limited to the elderly progressively impacts kids and babies and it is no chance that a creation who increased up in times of a minimum energy areas are out-living their own kids.

If Darwin's theory is correct, and there is no purpose to doubt it, the most crucial of evolution must apply, individuals who's bodies are defense or immune to energy areas will endure and stay to recreate, while those who are suffering from energy areas will soon enough become vanished. The consequences are not limited to people, the creatures, plants and bugs that fall under the impact of these man-made energy areas will also be impacted which in turn will affect the food.

At existing the initiatives of various health government bodies are complicated the true transformative picture but as the number of tired individuals increase a point will be achieved when the cost is not sustainable and either the tired are permitted to die or community as we know it will failure. We have created a community that cannot function without energy and here is the situation, at the moment we cannot stay with it and we cannot stay without it.

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